Saturday, June 1, 2013

write new songs !

I have been challenged. by God, Holy Spirit.
last night I couldn't sleep at all...songs that I have written kept singing in my head.
over and over.
each melody, each and EVERY chord.
it was a concert in my head.
I have been challenged. psalm 149. "write new songs; sing them to Him with all your might!"
I have been given/written over 100 songs, some we sing at church, others are private, but here is my challenge.
why am I not sharing them ?
well those are lies, but somehow creep in there.
then it hit me.
like a sustained chord on the keys.
each new song is a new revelation
each melody is a new mercy
every enchanted chorus I hear in my head is a revelation of God's word, a new song.
If God is new every morning, then so should be my song.
"let his faithful followers erupt in praise, singing triumphantly wherever they are, even as they lie down for sleep in the evening !"
I just experienced this verse.
my sleep was erupting in praise with new songs
what new songs are stirring in you?
what new revelations of His mercy are in your heart?
it's time for the singing to begin
I have been challenged by God, Holy Spirit.
"Write new songs; sing them to Him with all your might"
I have been challenged.

ps. the bible I am using currently is THE VOICE Bible. I love it !

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