Friday, May 24, 2013

He trains my hands ?

blessed be my rock, the Lord, let him be praised. he trains my hands for battle and my fingers for warfare.

what does that even mean? or what does that look like?
He trains my hands for battle. my fingers for war ?

the word train or teach means: to be taught, to be learned, diligent, expert, skillful

so He teaches, diligently teaches me, expertly teaches

the word fingers or hands: from the root word yawd - meaning the open one, indicating power, means and direction !

He diligently, expertly, skillfully teaches my hands...
He trains my fingers to be open in power and direction...

I want to challenge your thinking from the natural to the spiritual for today.

we read these verses and immediately think of a brawl, or a street fight? but I think this fight is way deeper than that.

David was a man of war, but also a man of prayer.

so could this be a training in prayer ? in spiritual warfare?

duet. 3:2 I'm going to defeat him and his whole army for you, 3:22 I your God will do the fighting for you, 11:22 He will drive out all the nations for you.

do you see the pattern? God has the battle and the victory (proverbs 21:31)He promises that the battle belongs to the Lord

all through the psalms we see how prayer/worship was the weapon. (psal 7, 149, 91)

in Zecheriah 14:1 and Jeremiah 20:11 we are told God will do the battle

Even Romans 8:31 tells me that if God is for me who can be against me

so what then is the training of my hands for  battle and my fingers for war?

is it that place of the secret place where my hands are lifted in total surrender to Jesus the warrior king,

is this the place where my fingers learn to interlock in prayer ? to dance in worship?

are my hands and fingers being trained in a posture of prayer and worship?

He trains my hands to be surrendered in prayer and my fingers to worship...

isn't prayer where the battle is ?

so for my hands to be trained in battle, could it be possible that it is a position of prayer?

let the training begin.

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