Tuesday, June 25, 2013

faith comes....

how often have we read that verse? faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God. and then try desperately to get faith. or feel guilty that we don't have enough faith. because without faith, it is impossible to please him. isn't that the other verse on faith we use all the time?

but let's back up a minute and really stop and hear what God is saying. faith comes...did you see that. faith comes..IT COMES !! if you don't have it, you can get it

how does faith come? it comes by hearing. it comes by hearing the Word of God. it comes by hearing God!

we are in a two way relationship with God, in prayer, in life and what He has to say is way more important that what I have to say. faith COMES by hearing.

what does the word tell us in proverbs?
look at 4:20-22

My son, pay attention to all the words I am telling you.
   Lean in closer so you may hear all I say.
 Keep them before you; meditate on them;
   set them safely in your heart.
For those who discover them, they are life.
    They bring wholeness and healing to their bodies.

read that again. circle it. highlight it. read it again.

Faith comes by paying attention to ALL THE WORD....lean in closer so you may hear, because faith comes by hearing. keep them before you and meditate on them, study them, hear the word of God.

what if we did this. what if we heard the word of God from God and then faith comes.

God speaks primarily through his word and anything that does not agree with the bible is not from God. faith comes.

it isn't that we don't have faith. we don't have patience to wait. to pay attention, lean in closer.
can you imagine, leaning in closer to God to listen and hear the word from the word...
faith comes...

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