Thursday, June 6, 2013

random ramblings

Joshua 10 - ..he commanded the sun and the moon. sun stand still...., and moon, remain ....

the sun stalled in the sky for almost an entire day before it set.

before Joshua got to the sun stand still commanding prayer, he went though some pruning.

he had to deal with members of his tribe lying and keeping things causing deaths

then he let the 'gib' leaders lie, and he didn't check with God first.

my point is; learning a commanding prayer come from an obedient life

if pride comes before the fall, it also produces humility to stand in the presence of God to ask for the sun to stand still.

proverbs 8 - I love those who love me; those who search hard for me will find me

so is the opposite true? if I am not searching to find God, do I truly love him? or am I in love with the things he does? big difference.

John 16 - I am telling you this so that you may avoid the offences that are coming.

so there is a way to not be offended.

how can I not be offended?

back up
back up to john 15
follow my example in obeying the father's command and receive his love
abide in me, let my words abide in you
the holy spirit is here to help you
I am sending him to you

we can live unoffended
so if we are living with being offended by every look, word or gesture...we might need to see where we are abiding...

just some randomness

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