Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the cost of salt...


if you want to be My disciple, it will cost you everything.

Don’t underestimate that cost!

34 Don’t be like salt that has lost its taste. How can its saltiness be restored? Flavorless salt is absolutely worthless. 35 You can’t even use it as fertilizer, so it’s worth less than manure! Don’t just listen to My words here.

Get the deeper meaning.


this is from Luke 14..the end of the chapter
and it hits me every time I read it.
get the deeper meaning.
have you ever heard an altar call like this one?
come to Me and you could lose everything
I think we have this mindset in the U.S. that if we choose Jesus as Lord and Savior, then everything will be roses and rainbows.
we have made a fairytale of salvation.
I choose Jesus and He gives me everything I want or need.
I can now eat ice cream and oreo's for breakfast.
I can personally tell you that eating ice cream and oreo's for breakfast is only going to make you fat.
it's not the deeper meaning
how about this.
let's do what the word says;
count the cost
don't underestimate the cost
our salvation cost more than we can every pay
we sometimes say salvation is free
but was it free?
it cost a life
it cost blood
His life and His blood
If you want to be My disciple it will cost you everything.
don't underestimate that cost.
I have no idea what the cost will be for you,
but I know my family has paid a cost,
I have paid a cost
it hasn't been roses and rainbows every day.
the deeper meaning has been worth every thing it cost me
I have been reading a book by Tom Doyle called "Dreams and Visions" : is Jesus awakening the Muslim world?
it has been mind blowing and to me
They, our Muslim friends who are choosing Jesus, know the cost.
they lose family, friends, are beaten and beheaded
yet they choose to love and be loved by Jesus
they understand the cost of the salt.
"Don't be like the salt that lost its flavor - it's is worth less than manure"
I want my salt, my life, my following of  Jesus to be salt
to flavor my neighborhood, my family, my life.
do you understand the cost?
do you know how your salt taste?
"don't just listen to my words. get the deeper meaning"
the cost of the salt.





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