Tuesday, June 4, 2013

on the edge

"now I am on the edge of complete and utter ruin in the midst of the community"
"I was in all evil in the midst of the congregation and assembly"
proverbs 5:14
why are there so many on the edge of complete and utter ruin?
IN THE MIDST of community!!
that literally means, that in the midst of our church services, bible studies, worship nights, someone is sitting there in utter evil ruin.
why are we seeing so many youth and young adults cave to sin, walk away from God, give up on hope, and give in to ruin?
it's not like they are happier
I see them.
they are still miserable
where are their mentors?
where are the spiritual moms and dads.
"I disregarded all the my teacher said to me I turned my ear away from my instructors"
"I have not obeyed the voice or inclined by ear to the teachers words"
I disregarded
I turned my ear away
proverbs 5:13
this should make you weep
I am
why would you disregard the teacher
why would you not incline your ear
what is being taught that makes you not want to listen?
the end isn't good
" your life will end with groaning of remorse, of opportunities missed, and your flesh and bones will be eaten up with sorrow, regret for worthless efforts. then you will say why did I hate being taught"
proverbs 5:11-12
I miss my sons and daughters
I don't want you to end up groaning in remorse
eaten up with sorrow
we need to get back to ministering to the next generation so that they know and love God as much as we do
its not about us telling them what to do
but about us showing them the revelation of Jesus
we need an eye opening revelation to see where in the midst of the congregation and assembly our younger generation is in utter ruin
are they sitting here dead? dying? lost? unnoticed?
"so my children, listen to me, do not stray from my advice"
proverbs 5:7
I am calling you back from the edge
stay focused
give attention
Proverbs 5:1
I am calling you back to focus on Jesus
Listen to Jesus
give attention to what I have learned about life
I am calling you back from the edge
calling you out of the ruin
calling you home
we miss you
we need you
come back from the edge

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