Sunday, June 30, 2013

do you have anything to eat?

Luke 24
I think this is one of the most profound statements Jesus makes to his disciples (us)

this is the glorified, risen, Jesus. the one they saw die, brutally. they put him in the tomb.
he asks them: do you have anything to eat.
they hand him a piece of fish.
and he eats.
can you imagine this scene. he is asking THEM if they have any food.
they stare at him dumbfounded and hand him a fish.

I can just see him shaking his head ..uhm thanks.
or maybe like a scene from 'the office', he looks into the camera and just nods...

he takes the fish and graciously eats it.

remember he is now the risen king of kings. remember in heaven there is no need for food or refreshments.

but he takes what they offer and eats.
then he talks.

I’ve been telling you this all along, that everything written about Me in the Hebrew Scriptures must be fulfilled—everything from the law of Moses to the prophets to the psalms.
Then He opens their minds so they can comprehend the meaning of the Hebrew Scriptures.
do you see that ? did you catch it?
the disciples gave him real food.
but he is trying to give them spiritual food.
he open their minds to be able to comprehend what just happened. from birth to death, resurrection and life.
how vital it is for us to be eating the word of God.
instead we act like we have absolutely no time for the word, for devotions ...
or..I really don't need to read the bible everyday...that's ok for like to read...
are we becoming like this picture?
we have become fussy eaters !!
notice Jesus didn't say anything, just ate the fish.
we only want to eat what makes us happy.
psalm 1
For you, the Eternal’s Word is your happiness.
    It is your focus—from dusk to dawn


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

faith comes....

how often have we read that verse? faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God. and then try desperately to get faith. or feel guilty that we don't have enough faith. because without faith, it is impossible to please him. isn't that the other verse on faith we use all the time?

but let's back up a minute and really stop and hear what God is saying. faith comes...did you see that. faith comes..IT COMES !! if you don't have it, you can get it

how does faith come? it comes by hearing. it comes by hearing the Word of God. it comes by hearing God!

we are in a two way relationship with God, in prayer, in life and what He has to say is way more important that what I have to say. faith COMES by hearing.

what does the word tell us in proverbs?
look at 4:20-22

My son, pay attention to all the words I am telling you.
   Lean in closer so you may hear all I say.
 Keep them before you; meditate on them;
   set them safely in your heart.
For those who discover them, they are life.
    They bring wholeness and healing to their bodies.

read that again. circle it. highlight it. read it again.

Faith comes by paying attention to ALL THE WORD....lean in closer so you may hear, because faith comes by hearing. keep them before you and meditate on them, study them, hear the word of God.

what if we did this. what if we heard the word of God from God and then faith comes.

God speaks primarily through his word and anything that does not agree with the bible is not from God. faith comes.

it isn't that we don't have faith. we don't have patience to wait. to pay attention, lean in closer.
can you imagine, leaning in closer to God to listen and hear the word from the word...
faith comes...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

it's about the lost sheep...

Jesus (with another parable): 3-4 Wouldn’t every single one of you, if you have 100 sheep and lose one, leave the 99 in their grazing lands and go out searching for the lost sheep until you find it? When you find the lost sheep, wouldn’t you hoist it up on your shoulders, feeling wonderful? And when you go home, wouldn’t you call together your friends and neighbors? Wouldn’t you say, “Come over and celebrate with me, because I’ve found my lost sheep”? This is how it is in heaven. They’re happier over one sinner who changes his way of life than they are over 99 good and just people who don’t need to change their ways of life.

who wouldn't go after the one sheep? They (the ones in the parable) wouldn't have gone after the one sheep. in that culture, in that wouldn't have been effective to go after 1 little sheep.
 the stray.
the lost one.
I have 99...who cares about 1 little sheep.
But Jesus tells them. I would.
not only do I go after the one little sheep, but I rejoice when I find him.

"don't just listen to my words. get the deeper meaning"

Jesus says " this is how it is in Heaven"

that one lost sheep.

Luke 15 begins with: Jesus became increasingly popular among notorious sinners, tax collectors and other social outcasts.  The religious noticed this.
what did they notice?
that the notorious sinner, the lost sheep was now healed, whole and set free.
and they weren't.

Heaven is rejoicing over the lost sheep that is now found, not the religious that are sitting safe and sound.

the lost sheep that is now healed, and then set free.

'get the deeper meaning'
is it possible that God is trying to tell us something more..
something deeper
healing is found by the lost sheep

it makes me think of how we, as the body of Christ are having healing inside the church for the 99, when the 1 is out front staring at the closed doors.
Jesus left the 99 in search of the 1
He left the 99 to go heal the one.
not just physical healing, but whole healing, body, soul and spirit.
bringing that lost sheep into his pasture
"this is how it is in Heaven"

is it possible that we are to go out to find the one and take healing to them
is it possible that healing isn't for the religious but for the lost?
not that we as His children don't receive healing, we most certainly do.
but He came for the sick..didn't he say that
if we are found, and there are those outside of our circle that are sick, aren't we to be going after the 1

I think a change is coming
a change in how we think of healing, wholeness
how we handle and give healing to the one
remember earlier in Luke Jesus says: '...and the crowds swelled wherever He went. He wasn't impressed"

it's about the lost sheep
its about the 1

(this post was written by Brian and Kim )

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the cost of salt...


if you want to be My disciple, it will cost you everything.

Don’t underestimate that cost!

34 Don’t be like salt that has lost its taste. How can its saltiness be restored? Flavorless salt is absolutely worthless. 35 You can’t even use it as fertilizer, so it’s worth less than manure! Don’t just listen to My words here.

Get the deeper meaning.


this is from Luke 14..the end of the chapter
and it hits me every time I read it.
get the deeper meaning.
have you ever heard an altar call like this one?
come to Me and you could lose everything
I think we have this mindset in the U.S. that if we choose Jesus as Lord and Savior, then everything will be roses and rainbows.
we have made a fairytale of salvation.
I choose Jesus and He gives me everything I want or need.
I can now eat ice cream and oreo's for breakfast.
I can personally tell you that eating ice cream and oreo's for breakfast is only going to make you fat.
it's not the deeper meaning
how about this.
let's do what the word says;
count the cost
don't underestimate the cost
our salvation cost more than we can every pay
we sometimes say salvation is free
but was it free?
it cost a life
it cost blood
His life and His blood
If you want to be My disciple it will cost you everything.
don't underestimate that cost.
I have no idea what the cost will be for you,
but I know my family has paid a cost,
I have paid a cost
it hasn't been roses and rainbows every day.
the deeper meaning has been worth every thing it cost me
I have been reading a book by Tom Doyle called "Dreams and Visions" : is Jesus awakening the Muslim world?
it has been mind blowing and to me
They, our Muslim friends who are choosing Jesus, know the cost.
they lose family, friends, are beaten and beheaded
yet they choose to love and be loved by Jesus
they understand the cost of the salt.
"Don't be like the salt that lost its flavor - it's is worth less than manure"
I want my salt, my life, my following of  Jesus to be salt
to flavor my neighborhood, my family, my life.
do you understand the cost?
do you know how your salt taste?
"don't just listen to my words. get the deeper meaning"
the cost of the salt.





Monday, June 17, 2013

martha-kim or mary-kim

only 1 thing matters
just one
how many of us want to be Mary, but feel way more like Martha pretending to be Mary?
we are busy
we put so many things above Jesus
our relationship with him
jobs, relationships, prayer rooms, conferences, motherhood, facebook
I want to be "Mary-Kim"
but I probably act more like "Martha-Kim"
visionary, planning, schedules
how do you get there
to the one thing?
is it like Nike' ...just do it?
but how
how do you just do it?
I think He tells us..from the ancient words
love God
love neighbor
You shall love God, your God with everything you have, all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind
love your neighbor AS yourself
we have spent a lot of time and attention defining who is our neighbor
the people around us,
the lost, poor the broken
like in Luke 10,
I probably feel more like the one beaten laying on the side of the road 
but did you catch that tiny little word
that powerful little word
love as
as yourself
is it possible we spend so much time trying to love God from being busy,
from outside of our heart
not from All my heart?
is it possible that I try to stay busy to keep from loving myself?
or am I trying to prove how much I love God by being busy?
or do I really not love myself and if I keep busy I won't have to worry about that one thing
one thing
I am to love you as much as I love myself
is this the sting?
do I really love me?
if I don't love me, myself, I have nothing to love you with
if I feel so busy, a cover for shame
am I rally finding the one thing that kept Mary at his feet?
she was a woman
she had the same responsibilities that Martha had, a you and I have
did you catch her name
a woman named Martha, but a sister called Mara.
Mara means bitter
what happened that they called her bitter
yet she knew
she knew how to love herself
give up the striving
and sit
she knew only 1 thing matters
in motherhood, business, running churches and programs..still
only 1 thing matters
can you imagine a whole church service just sitting at his feet
one thing
there will always be millions of details to our lives
but only 1 , one thing
2 very short scriptures
that lay a foundation for life
one thing
only one thing really matters
and that will not be taken away ...
I want to be a Mary-Kim

Sunday, June 16, 2013

the deep

I wonder if this is what eden is like?
sitting on the deck with coffee and bible...listening to the waves crash..the sunlight breaking over the clouds...
did they have coffee in eden?
they probably didn't need coffee...

is this the sound of peace?
water rushing, birds singing,

as I sit here and listen, really listen..its like a symphony of praise,
quiet yet loud

the ocean is so powerful, beautiful, endless, forgiving yet unforgiving
but I must admit
i'm scared of it
the waves crashing on me
the depths
the sharks?
are there sharks in this ocean?
why would anyone want to go into water where there are sharks!

but this is where God calls us isn't it
deep calls out to deep
he calls us into this shark water
where we just don't know

Luke 5 Jesus tells us: move out into deeper water

move out
he calls me
he calls you

is it possible we are all still splashing in the shallow end?

just playing in the sand where the waves meet the shore line?
just sitting there wanting...
but not going?

did you notice he is there with you in the deep
he is with them in the boat, as he says, almost demands
move out into the deep

he is there
his presence is there
he even has you in a boat
it's not about being there alone

it's about His deep calling out to depths of me
move out..
move out
there is more for you in the deep
is he calling you also
do you hear the sound of the deep calling you

my friends, it is time
to move out
the deep

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

reverent and worshipful

Reverence for the Eternal bring bold confidence
in the reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord there is strong confidence
proverbs 14:26
this is what I have been reading today
along with Joshua 23 and 24
(if you want to follow along, you can get one of our 'encounter the word' a daily bible reading experience)
there is a strong confidence
a bold confidence
when you have reverent worship and awe of God
couldn't we all use a little confidence ?
bold ?
I don't think this is the brash, loud, overpowering people confidence but the meek, humble I can do all things through Jesus confidence
as I began reading in Joshua, I saw a correlation between these blessings of God
and our receiving these blessings
a promise
seeing all promises were fulfilled.
Joshua was reminding us, that as we keep our end, God always keeps His end
He made, he gave, he sent, he brought, he handed, he destroyed, he delivered
and we get to choose
choose this day
if we choose God there is a condition
did you ever stop to think about that?
in 24:14-15 we see Now therefore, reverently fear the Lord and serve Him in sincerity and in truth
put away from you any gods (idols - anything that keeps you from him)
today is the day for you to choose whom you will serve
we always have a choice
God and
God and
It seems we have created a religion where we can choose God, but never serve Him in sincerity or truth. we choose him, but serve ourselves.
do you see that?
are you living that?
so we can see that proverbs is saying the same thing
serving him from that place of choosing Him
only him
verse 19 really hits home
if you choose God.
he is a jealous God He will not tolerate your shortcomings and your sins.
if I choose God AND..then what am I really choosing?
it has to be God
only God
only reverence
only awe
verse 22 hits even harder
all right then, you are a witness against yourself. if it come to that, you have made this choice to serve the Lord
do you see that?
do you hear that?
did you ever hear that at any altar call?
choose God, give your life to God and you are a witness against yourself.
I become my own witness against myself by my choices
if I say God, but don't serve Him
kinda puts a whole new slant on the 'come up front and give your life to Jesus' doesn't it.
God takes this choice very serious
he is jealous
he warns us
is this what that strong confidence is for?
that bold confidence..
that I choose God, and give up any other god, idol, game, person, hobby,
dream, vision...
and am filled with the confidence of God
the boldness of God
 reverence and worshipful fear are what keep me choosing him

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

cause and effect....the mountain code...

I am going to write about a series I am teaching on cause and effect, the mountain code ,the sermon on the mount, the beatitudes...the most known teaching, but the least understood. I am hoping to shed some light on it for you. If this is the first thing Jesus taught, and the beatitudes are the first thing, from the first thing, than we should really pay attention to this teaching on lifestyle. Blessed are the poor in spirit, is the first mentioned, so we should really take a closer look at what and why.

We know that the beatitudes form the text of Jesus sermon, meaning they are his outline of everything else he is about to share in the code.  The rest of the sermon is His application of the beatitudes

Jesus taught these things and expects us to live them.

It is a teaching on living in the Holy Spirit. Why? because none of it is possible without the Holy Spirit. If you think you can be 'poor in spirit' without the Holy Spirit, then its just reverse pride, or the 'I am a worm' syndrome.

The Kingdom is: invisible - everyone thought it would be visible
                inhabitable - you can actually live in it
                internal - residing in the heart and inherited
                (rom 14:17)because the kingdom of God is not about eating and    
                                                                 drinking. When God reigns, the order of the day is
                                                                 redeeming justice, true peace, and joy made possible
                                                                   by the Holy Spirit.
                                       inherited - no one could inherit until Jesus died
                             and rose again.
                   (heb 9:15)This is why Jesus is the mediator of the new covenant:
                                                                    through His death, He delivered us from the sins that we
                                                                  had built up under the first covenant, and His death has
                                                                     made it possible for all who are called to receive God’s
                                                                  promised inheritance.

  The Kingdom is inseparable  from the Spirit

okay, enough for back ground

Matt 5:3 Blessed are the spiritually poor—the kingdom of heaven is theirs

this is the first. this is the key to all that follows
we cannot be filled until we are first empty

look up psalm 51:17
read Matt 23:12

who is this first talking to ? about ?
them, me, you..

what is poor in spirit?

did you read psalm 51? What sacrifice I can offer You is my broken spirit
    because a broken spirit, O God,  a heart that honestly regrets the past, You won’t detest.

it's not financial, having no money or job.
it isn't even about spiritual awareness
it's about lowly
upside down Kingdom

it's the acknowledgement of spiritual bankruptcy
it's our confession or unworthy before God
it is NOT self hatred.

its that place that I know I need or want Him, more than the things of him.
recognizing spiritual helplessness, want, needy, destitute, humble, low, spiritually incompleteness.
Blessed are those who are know they are wanting, needy, helplessness without me...
do we know that?
do we know how helpless we are without him? or do we go about our day always doing our own thing?

it shatters your pride.
the divine surgery cuts away false illusions you had about yourself.

if you are poor in spirit then God got to you
if you feel totally lost without hope, God will find you

He is looking for the weak, those who know their true need.
do we know how much we need him? do we? do you need Jesus?
do you, do I know how spiritually incomplete we are without Him? without the Holy Spirit?

So why is this one listed first?
it demonstrates the upside down kingdom.
 For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted. (matt 23:12)

we must never outgrow our brokenness. it is our foundation.
I think most of us refuse to be broken.

being poor in spirit is the absence of defensiveness. ouch.
being poor in spirit is the absence of being judgmental. double ouch.
there is no pointing the finger when you are broken.
the one who points the finger needs to be broken.

being broken, poor in spirit is our foundation and superstructure. it is the first mentioned to build upon,
if you don't recognize our own brokenness, poorness, we will never see meekness or self control..

then comes the blessing
the effect of the cause
the immediate consequence of brokenness is the Kingdom of Heaven.

the blessing comes after the obedience.
we want the blessing without the cause. we even make conferences and seminars around the blessing, without the brokenness.

Is this why we don't see the Kingdom of God at hand here?
we aren't truly broken.

we want the icing without the cake. icing without cake is just a pile of lard.

take time today and search it out. don't move on until you feel ready.
embrace the brokenness
then the blessing will come
cause and effect

Saturday, June 8, 2013

awake my soul...

today I took a prophetic journal class. a contemplative art journal, by aletheia Schmidt. I want to share with you what I learned, felt and loved about this time of art and prayer.
at first I was overwhelmed, since I can't even draw stick people. but as I looked at all her art and images in the journal, I was almost becoming emotional. each one speaks something different to everyone who sees and looks. it wasn't about the art. or if you can paint or draw. it was about the heart and what God was saying, doing, moving, the fluid motion of his presence in a reflective way, using creativity.

this is just the cover image from the journal. doesn't it just speak to you to come alive, awake or to seek deeper?
first we were challenged to find a image in the journal that was really speaking to us.
let me tell you, that was hard.
I kept seeing a new image and thought with each turn of the page. every image someone else picked, I wanted. until I found the tree. 'rooted' it was called. it seems to be a theme God is speaking to me.
What drew me to this image of the tree?
the tree - always a tree
so many parts speak
rooted and grounded
branch - I am a branch
branches produce fruit, leaves, shade, covering
the beauty of a tree, the color, the shape, the history
just the word rooted to me bring hope, healing and peace
future, grace and mercy
what did I notice about the color or texture of the image?
what caused me to stop and 'soak' in this painting,
what experience does the image of 'rooted' give me?
it's my life's journey
rooted to me means going deeper
rooted and grounded
what doe it feel like to be rooted deeply ? in the word?
in the Lord?
in His presence?
each leave full of life
swaying with the wind
always following the wind of the spirit
the whole tree system supported by the roots
what is not seen is so important
the hidden growth
the struggle to push down deeper and deeper
to go higher and higher
rooted deeply to go higher
also a conformation of my call to be rooted in the word
what is the feeling that I am noticing in me as I study the image ?
feelings of want
wanting to know more
wanting roots to go deep in me, from me
to feel the depths of the roots
excitement for what the roots produce
strong roots can hold many branches, leaves, storms
it roots are there, even though the stump looks dead, even at the scent of rain it will produce
take it back to God
Aletheia not challenged us to take all that we were thinking and feeling and give it back to God
create what you are feeling
so I wrote more
it scares me
and thrills me
wanting to go deeper
and wanting to be so rooted in Him
it makes me feel alive
I can feel myself go deeper, the word going deeper
it is almost like as the roots go deeper,
they push past or push through what is in the way.
roots never end or stop
they keep rooting
keep pushing dirt and debris out of the way
to go deeper
removing what is in the way to be rooted
so  this was my morning.
thank you aletheia for sharing your gift
the awake my soul journal is available at:


Thursday, June 6, 2013

random ramblings

Joshua 10 - ..he commanded the sun and the moon. sun stand still...., and moon, remain ....

the sun stalled in the sky for almost an entire day before it set.

before Joshua got to the sun stand still commanding prayer, he went though some pruning.

he had to deal with members of his tribe lying and keeping things causing deaths

then he let the 'gib' leaders lie, and he didn't check with God first.

my point is; learning a commanding prayer come from an obedient life

if pride comes before the fall, it also produces humility to stand in the presence of God to ask for the sun to stand still.

proverbs 8 - I love those who love me; those who search hard for me will find me

so is the opposite true? if I am not searching to find God, do I truly love him? or am I in love with the things he does? big difference.

John 16 - I am telling you this so that you may avoid the offences that are coming.

so there is a way to not be offended.

how can I not be offended?

back up
back up to john 15
follow my example in obeying the father's command and receive his love
abide in me, let my words abide in you
the holy spirit is here to help you
I am sending him to you

we can live unoffended
so if we are living with being offended by every look, word or gesture...we might need to see where we are abiding...

just some randomness

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

on the edge

"now I am on the edge of complete and utter ruin in the midst of the community"
"I was in all evil in the midst of the congregation and assembly"
proverbs 5:14
why are there so many on the edge of complete and utter ruin?
IN THE MIDST of community!!
that literally means, that in the midst of our church services, bible studies, worship nights, someone is sitting there in utter evil ruin.
why are we seeing so many youth and young adults cave to sin, walk away from God, give up on hope, and give in to ruin?
it's not like they are happier
I see them.
they are still miserable
where are their mentors?
where are the spiritual moms and dads.
"I disregarded all the my teacher said to me I turned my ear away from my instructors"
"I have not obeyed the voice or inclined by ear to the teachers words"
I disregarded
I turned my ear away
proverbs 5:13
this should make you weep
I am
why would you disregard the teacher
why would you not incline your ear
what is being taught that makes you not want to listen?
the end isn't good
" your life will end with groaning of remorse, of opportunities missed, and your flesh and bones will be eaten up with sorrow, regret for worthless efforts. then you will say why did I hate being taught"
proverbs 5:11-12
I miss my sons and daughters
I don't want you to end up groaning in remorse
eaten up with sorrow
we need to get back to ministering to the next generation so that they know and love God as much as we do
its not about us telling them what to do
but about us showing them the revelation of Jesus
we need an eye opening revelation to see where in the midst of the congregation and assembly our younger generation is in utter ruin
are they sitting here dead? dying? lost? unnoticed?
"so my children, listen to me, do not stray from my advice"
proverbs 5:7
I am calling you back from the edge
stay focused
give attention
Proverbs 5:1
I am calling you back to focus on Jesus
Listen to Jesus
give attention to what I have learned about life
I am calling you back from the edge
calling you out of the ruin
calling you home
we miss you
we need you
come back from the edge

Monday, June 3, 2013

lift up and prepare...

do all the ritual purification and prepare yourself because tomorrow the Eternal will show you wonders!
Joshua 3:5
set yourself apart for tomorrow...
sanctify yourself for tomorrow...
do you see a pattern?
how many times do we ask God for 'wonders', but never set ourselves apart?
what does that even mean?
to set yourself apart?
sanctify means to set apart or to be ready in body, soul and spirit.
set yourself apart in body, soul and spirit to see wonders.
set yourself apart and get ready..
we want the present (presence) without unwrapping the gift
again, how do we set apart, sanctify?
in the Hebrew it means to clean: ceremonially or morally
consecrate, dedicate, keep, prepare, proclaim.
let's put that back in the verse: clean yourself up ceremonially and morally, dedicate yourself, keep yourself, prepare yourself...
we always want the reward without the requirement
most promises of God are offered freely, but with that little catch that we so easily by-pass
you will have  peace....if you abide
I will bless you...if you keep my commands
I will give you the desire of your heart...if you seek me and keep my commands
see what I mean
set yourself apart...then tomorrow..
the verb of set apart actually means: to be holy, to treat as holy, to dedicate, to set apart as holy
set yourself apart and treat yourself as
doesn't that make you just think of all the times you haven't treated yourself as holy?
He wants to show us wonders
great, difficult, wonderful, hard, hidden, things too high, miracles, something extraordinary or difficult
prepare dedicate, wash yourself morally, proclaim yourself and treat yourself as holy, because tomorrow God WILL show you the difficult, extraordinary, thing too high, the great and wonderful , the miracle.
is it possible we aren't seeing miracles because we don't treat ourselves as holy?
we cry out for the presence of God, sing really good songs about it, but have we really truly experienced, relationally or experientially the manifest presence of God?
because if we did, wouldn't we be changed?
wouldn't we look different? act different?
pray different?
we had an experience yesterday in the prayer room, where we prayed these verses, and then for about an hour, no one could pray, talk, was like when you are in the presence of the holy one, there are no words needed, just a rest that washes over you..
Josh 3:6 goes on to tell us: take up the arc
take up the presence
is this how I begin my 'set my self apart' or treat yourself as holy? by taking up the presence?
this give me goosebumps just thinking about it.
take up: lift up, accept, advance, arise, bring forth, desire, fetch, to carry, marry, obtain, receive, stir up
take up, carry, lift up, stir up, marry the presence ..
can you imagine ...marry the presence
stir up the presence
advance the presence
bring forth the presence
is this the key?
take up, carry, lift up, stir up, marry the presence ..set your self apart, treat yourself as holy, dedicate yourself, keep, prepare, wash ceremonially and morally body, soul and spirit, for tomorrow I will show you wonders !
my prayer for you today is, that this burns in your spirit.
to marry the presence of God so that I can be set apart to see the thing that is too high for me.
to lift up the presence inside of me, and prepare so that tomorrow I will see the extraordinary, the hidden, the miracle
its time to lift up the standard of carrying the presence

Sunday, June 2, 2013

rahab knew.

as I am reading Joshua again, just enticed by this story of courage and faith,
I am stuck.
 or struck.
Joshua 2:9-10,12
"I know the Eternal has given your people this land."

how did she know?
how did this unsaved (?) prostitute know?
do you know?

know,  is a verb meaning; to know, to learn, to perceive, to discern, to experience, to confess, to consider, to know relationally and to know how, to know experientially

Rahab knew experientially and relationally, perceived, discerned, confessed and experienced  God  and that God had given them this land. She knew, she perceived.

"we have heard how the eternal held back the Red Sea so you could escape from Egypt on dry land and how you completely destroyed the Amorite kings. because I know all the things..."

how did she hear?
how did she hear and believe ?
how did they hear?

word of mouth travels fast !

Romans 10 tells us that some will hear the good news and refuse to submit to the truth they hear. so faith proceeds from hearing, hearing the word of God. how can they believe in Him when they have not heard? how can the hear if no one is proclaiming Him?

Rahab heard. and believed.
God heal our hearing
heal our hearing and believing

the word heard means: to hear intelligently with obedience implied, attentively, to hear, to obey, to respond to , the connotation of obedience in certain texts.

so Rahab heard intelligently with obedience, attentively responding to what she heard.

so Rahab KNEW by  hearing, experientially and relationally, perceived, discerned, confessed and experienced  God  and that God had given them this land.

she experienced what she heard. and believed what she heard. and obeyed what she heard.
she knew.

kinda makes you think a little doesn't it.

what are we saying about God for others to hear?

are my words that are being heard, causing people to know? to believe?

Rahab heard the testimony and believed.
"as soon as news reached us, our hearts melted like way and non of us had an ounce of courage left. Your God is truly God" 

She experienced the testimony. she heard it and experienced and let her heart believe without seeing

How far we have come that we hear and want proof and then maybe we will believe

is this why we do not experience the manifest presence of God?
is this way relationally we are far from you?
is this why we can't see the 'cord' of freedom from our walls ?
we have heard, but don't really believe. our hearts have not melted like wax just by the spoken word from you, of you.
Rahab knew.
I want to knew.
I want to know.
do you?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

write new songs !

I have been challenged. by God, Holy Spirit.
last night I couldn't sleep at all...songs that I have written kept singing in my head.
over and over.
each melody, each and EVERY chord.
it was a concert in my head.
I have been challenged. psalm 149. "write new songs; sing them to Him with all your might!"
I have been given/written over 100 songs, some we sing at church, others are private, but here is my challenge.
why am I not sharing them ?
well those are lies, but somehow creep in there.
then it hit me.
like a sustained chord on the keys.
each new song is a new revelation
each melody is a new mercy
every enchanted chorus I hear in my head is a revelation of God's word, a new song.
If God is new every morning, then so should be my song.
"let his faithful followers erupt in praise, singing triumphantly wherever they are, even as they lie down for sleep in the evening !"
I just experienced this verse.
my sleep was erupting in praise with new songs
what new songs are stirring in you?
what new revelations of His mercy are in your heart?
it's time for the singing to begin
I have been challenged by God, Holy Spirit.
"Write new songs; sing them to Him with all your might"
I have been challenged.

ps. the bible I am using currently is THE VOICE Bible. I love it !