Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where ? and How Long?

In this journey for the month of June - we are reading 5 psalms a day and 1 proverb.
it is undoing me. wrecking me
today especially
He is asking Where?
His gaze searches mankind to seek out the righteous
The upright shall behold His face
We ask
How long will I suffer
How long is this going to take
How long - wahhh
He is seeking - where?
Do you trust me with all your heart
Do you trust me in My faithfulness
Will you exalt in MY deliverance (not your own solution-ouch)
Do you remember what I have done for you
The Lord looks down to find a man or understanding
a man mindful of God
we respond
I want to dwell in Your tent
I want to dwell in Your holy mountain
He responds
be without blame
acknowledge My truth
then you will not be shaken
His word is pure
He guards his word to every generation
so, that path is always going to be the same.
He is searching
He is seeking
looking for those that even in the midst of the "how long will it seem like the enemy is winning" will trust in His faithfulness and deliverance.
looking for those who will sing in the trial
worship in the 'length' of it
remember He has been good to me
remember the testimonies of what He has done
Will he find us faithful?
will he find us understanding?
will he find us seeking?

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