Monday, June 3, 2013

lift up and prepare...

do all the ritual purification and prepare yourself because tomorrow the Eternal will show you wonders!
Joshua 3:5
set yourself apart for tomorrow...
sanctify yourself for tomorrow...
do you see a pattern?
how many times do we ask God for 'wonders', but never set ourselves apart?
what does that even mean?
to set yourself apart?
sanctify means to set apart or to be ready in body, soul and spirit.
set yourself apart in body, soul and spirit to see wonders.
set yourself apart and get ready..
we want the present (presence) without unwrapping the gift
again, how do we set apart, sanctify?
in the Hebrew it means to clean: ceremonially or morally
consecrate, dedicate, keep, prepare, proclaim.
let's put that back in the verse: clean yourself up ceremonially and morally, dedicate yourself, keep yourself, prepare yourself...
we always want the reward without the requirement
most promises of God are offered freely, but with that little catch that we so easily by-pass
you will have  peace....if you abide
I will bless you...if you keep my commands
I will give you the desire of your heart...if you seek me and keep my commands
see what I mean
set yourself apart...then tomorrow..
the verb of set apart actually means: to be holy, to treat as holy, to dedicate, to set apart as holy
set yourself apart and treat yourself as
doesn't that make you just think of all the times you haven't treated yourself as holy?
He wants to show us wonders
great, difficult, wonderful, hard, hidden, things too high, miracles, something extraordinary or difficult
prepare dedicate, wash yourself morally, proclaim yourself and treat yourself as holy, because tomorrow God WILL show you the difficult, extraordinary, thing too high, the great and wonderful , the miracle.
is it possible we aren't seeing miracles because we don't treat ourselves as holy?
we cry out for the presence of God, sing really good songs about it, but have we really truly experienced, relationally or experientially the manifest presence of God?
because if we did, wouldn't we be changed?
wouldn't we look different? act different?
pray different?
we had an experience yesterday in the prayer room, where we prayed these verses, and then for about an hour, no one could pray, talk, was like when you are in the presence of the holy one, there are no words needed, just a rest that washes over you..
Josh 3:6 goes on to tell us: take up the arc
take up the presence
is this how I begin my 'set my self apart' or treat yourself as holy? by taking up the presence?
this give me goosebumps just thinking about it.
take up: lift up, accept, advance, arise, bring forth, desire, fetch, to carry, marry, obtain, receive, stir up
take up, carry, lift up, stir up, marry the presence ..
can you imagine ...marry the presence
stir up the presence
advance the presence
bring forth the presence
is this the key?
take up, carry, lift up, stir up, marry the presence ..set your self apart, treat yourself as holy, dedicate yourself, keep, prepare, wash ceremonially and morally body, soul and spirit, for tomorrow I will show you wonders !
my prayer for you today is, that this burns in your spirit.
to marry the presence of God so that I can be set apart to see the thing that is too high for me.
to lift up the presence inside of me, and prepare so that tomorrow I will see the extraordinary, the hidden, the miracle
its time to lift up the standard of carrying the presence

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