Sunday, June 30, 2013

do you have anything to eat?

Luke 24
I think this is one of the most profound statements Jesus makes to his disciples (us)

this is the glorified, risen, Jesus. the one they saw die, brutally. they put him in the tomb.
he asks them: do you have anything to eat.
they hand him a piece of fish.
and he eats.
can you imagine this scene. he is asking THEM if they have any food.
they stare at him dumbfounded and hand him a fish.

I can just see him shaking his head ..uhm thanks.
or maybe like a scene from 'the office', he looks into the camera and just nods...

he takes the fish and graciously eats it.

remember he is now the risen king of kings. remember in heaven there is no need for food or refreshments.

but he takes what they offer and eats.
then he talks.

I’ve been telling you this all along, that everything written about Me in the Hebrew Scriptures must be fulfilled—everything from the law of Moses to the prophets to the psalms.
Then He opens their minds so they can comprehend the meaning of the Hebrew Scriptures.
do you see that ? did you catch it?
the disciples gave him real food.
but he is trying to give them spiritual food.
he open their minds to be able to comprehend what just happened. from birth to death, resurrection and life.
how vital it is for us to be eating the word of God.
instead we act like we have absolutely no time for the word, for devotions ...
or..I really don't need to read the bible everyday...that's ok for like to read...
are we becoming like this picture?
we have become fussy eaters !!
notice Jesus didn't say anything, just ate the fish.
we only want to eat what makes us happy.
psalm 1
For you, the Eternal’s Word is your happiness.
    It is your focus—from dusk to dawn


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