Thursday, May 23, 2013

i am a branch..

I am the true vine, and my Father is the keeper of the vine. Abide in me and I will abide in you. I am the vine and you are the branch. Without me you will accomplish nothing.
I think sometimes we forget that we are the branch. Jesus is the vine that connects us to the Father, the keeper of the vine.
We race all around doing things doing things, busy things that aren't connected to the vine. A branch cannot bear fruit if it is disconnected from the vine. Even our redemption, our reconciliation, our salvation comes from being the branch, connected to the vine, held together by the keeper of the vine.
If you abide in me, and my voice (the hearing and obeying of the word) abides in you, THEN anything you ask will come to pass. If you abide in me THEN you will bear much fruit. HOWEVER the Father cuts away those who do not bear fruit. The word for hear is the Hebrew word "shema", which means hearing AND obeying. So you can literally replace the word listen, or hear with obey.
This brings a new question. Am I bearing good fruit? Is my fruit bringing glory to the Father or to myself? Is that how you tell good fruit, it all points to the Father and not myself. I see a lot of self fruit out there.
How do we know we are abiding?
Abide in my love. Follow my example in obeying the Father's command and receive His love. If you obey and you will stay in my love. Does that mean the opposite is also true? If I do not obey Him, am I not loving Him? ouch ! Jesus then says; I want you to know the delight I experience, to find ultimate satisfaction, which Is why I am telling you all of this. Jesus is telling us this so that we can know like he did what it looks like to have ultimate delight and satisfaction in this life as we live as a branch connected to the vine. Is this the same delight that he says, I will give you the delights of your heart. And that delight is really to be connected to him.
If anyone does not abide in Me, he is like a branch that is tossed out and shrivels up and is later tossed into the fire to burn. Do you feel like you are shriveled? do you feel like you are being tossed aside? are you abiding? are you a branch ? or trying to be the vine?
I want to be a branch.

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  1. May we all strive to be branches! Thank you for sharing these insightful words, Kim! : )