Sunday, September 8, 2013

at His feet

you have to really love someone to rub their feet.
think about it.
feet aren't the cleanest of the body.
yet Mary of Bethany, with her beautiful, just washed hair...(probably the kind of hair you see on
all the shampoo commercials).
she kneels down and kisses His feet.
and you know His feet where dirty. He even tells the host "you didn't offer water to wash my feet".
so there He sits, dirty feet from walking in the dust.
and she kneels down face to feet.
it puts a whole new perspective to "how beautiful are the feet of Him who brings good news" doesn't it?
there she is, weeping over His feet. letting the tears streak the dust on his precious feet.
it must have been a down pour of tears, to wash His feet with her tears, to clean them from the debris of the day.
you really have to love someone to wash their dirty feet.
when she was satisfied that the dust was gone, she begins to dry them with her hair. I don't think she did it gently either. she really tried them. her hair became the towel. her hair absorbed the tears and the dust until the feet where clean.
and then
she reaches into her pocket, or maybe a satchel and pulls out this little jar. the alabaster box. this extremely costly, fine textured, maybe translucent gypsum or maybe white marble.
alabaster was very expensive, and if a person bought an alabaster box, it was only used for very important purposes.
so the box itself was costly.

but the oil inside was even more so
perhaps a years wage or worth inside
and she dumps it.
she pours it out all over his just cleaned feet
you really have to love someone to waste extravagance on their feet
she risks it all
she gives it all
she waste it all
on His feet
do we?
do we risk it all
do we give it all
do we waste it all
at His feet..

Friday, September 6, 2013

anger + passion = red

What do you think of when you hear 'red' ?
Do you see it ? the color ?
does it bring up emotion or a feeling?
I don't know why, when I hear 'red' it makes me think of anger.
You know, that red face you get when you are trying to desperately not be angry ? Being red hot mad ?
I think of red walls, red bricks, red blood
I also think of passion.
Valentines day, red roses, red
What if we put the two together?
anger and passion =
that is like double red
But then my heart sees red in its truest form
the red angry beating
the red angry nails
the red angry mocking
the red angry flesh being ripped
we even call this 'the passion'
how could something so horrific be called passion?
how could He endure ?
because it was passion. He saw red. He saw the red love of passion.
We are the joy (red) that was set before Him
He took the anger, the passion of hatred so I could receive His passion of red love
Red has become my favorite color