Thursday, June 20, 2013

it's about the lost sheep...

Jesus (with another parable): 3-4 Wouldn’t every single one of you, if you have 100 sheep and lose one, leave the 99 in their grazing lands and go out searching for the lost sheep until you find it? When you find the lost sheep, wouldn’t you hoist it up on your shoulders, feeling wonderful? And when you go home, wouldn’t you call together your friends and neighbors? Wouldn’t you say, “Come over and celebrate with me, because I’ve found my lost sheep”? This is how it is in heaven. They’re happier over one sinner who changes his way of life than they are over 99 good and just people who don’t need to change their ways of life.

who wouldn't go after the one sheep? They (the ones in the parable) wouldn't have gone after the one sheep. in that culture, in that wouldn't have been effective to go after 1 little sheep.
 the stray.
the lost one.
I have 99...who cares about 1 little sheep.
But Jesus tells them. I would.
not only do I go after the one little sheep, but I rejoice when I find him.

"don't just listen to my words. get the deeper meaning"

Jesus says " this is how it is in Heaven"

that one lost sheep.

Luke 15 begins with: Jesus became increasingly popular among notorious sinners, tax collectors and other social outcasts.  The religious noticed this.
what did they notice?
that the notorious sinner, the lost sheep was now healed, whole and set free.
and they weren't.

Heaven is rejoicing over the lost sheep that is now found, not the religious that are sitting safe and sound.

the lost sheep that is now healed, and then set free.

'get the deeper meaning'
is it possible that God is trying to tell us something more..
something deeper
healing is found by the lost sheep

it makes me think of how we, as the body of Christ are having healing inside the church for the 99, when the 1 is out front staring at the closed doors.
Jesus left the 99 in search of the 1
He left the 99 to go heal the one.
not just physical healing, but whole healing, body, soul and spirit.
bringing that lost sheep into his pasture
"this is how it is in Heaven"

is it possible that we are to go out to find the one and take healing to them
is it possible that healing isn't for the religious but for the lost?
not that we as His children don't receive healing, we most certainly do.
but He came for the sick..didn't he say that
if we are found, and there are those outside of our circle that are sick, aren't we to be going after the 1

I think a change is coming
a change in how we think of healing, wholeness
how we handle and give healing to the one
remember earlier in Luke Jesus says: '...and the crowds swelled wherever He went. He wasn't impressed"

it's about the lost sheep
its about the 1

(this post was written by Brian and Kim )

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