Monday, June 17, 2013

martha-kim or mary-kim

only 1 thing matters
just one
how many of us want to be Mary, but feel way more like Martha pretending to be Mary?
we are busy
we put so many things above Jesus
our relationship with him
jobs, relationships, prayer rooms, conferences, motherhood, facebook
I want to be "Mary-Kim"
but I probably act more like "Martha-Kim"
visionary, planning, schedules
how do you get there
to the one thing?
is it like Nike' ...just do it?
but how
how do you just do it?
I think He tells us..from the ancient words
love God
love neighbor
You shall love God, your God with everything you have, all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind
love your neighbor AS yourself
we have spent a lot of time and attention defining who is our neighbor
the people around us,
the lost, poor the broken
like in Luke 10,
I probably feel more like the one beaten laying on the side of the road 
but did you catch that tiny little word
that powerful little word
love as
as yourself
is it possible we spend so much time trying to love God from being busy,
from outside of our heart
not from All my heart?
is it possible that I try to stay busy to keep from loving myself?
or am I trying to prove how much I love God by being busy?
or do I really not love myself and if I keep busy I won't have to worry about that one thing
one thing
I am to love you as much as I love myself
is this the sting?
do I really love me?
if I don't love me, myself, I have nothing to love you with
if I feel so busy, a cover for shame
am I rally finding the one thing that kept Mary at his feet?
she was a woman
she had the same responsibilities that Martha had, a you and I have
did you catch her name
a woman named Martha, but a sister called Mara.
Mara means bitter
what happened that they called her bitter
yet she knew
she knew how to love herself
give up the striving
and sit
she knew only 1 thing matters
in motherhood, business, running churches and programs..still
only 1 thing matters
can you imagine a whole church service just sitting at his feet
one thing
there will always be millions of details to our lives
but only 1 , one thing
2 very short scriptures
that lay a foundation for life
one thing
only one thing really matters
and that will not be taken away ...
I want to be a Mary-Kim

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