Sunday, June 16, 2013

the deep

I wonder if this is what eden is like?
sitting on the deck with coffee and bible...listening to the waves crash..the sunlight breaking over the clouds...
did they have coffee in eden?
they probably didn't need coffee...

is this the sound of peace?
water rushing, birds singing,

as I sit here and listen, really listen..its like a symphony of praise,
quiet yet loud

the ocean is so powerful, beautiful, endless, forgiving yet unforgiving
but I must admit
i'm scared of it
the waves crashing on me
the depths
the sharks?
are there sharks in this ocean?
why would anyone want to go into water where there are sharks!

but this is where God calls us isn't it
deep calls out to deep
he calls us into this shark water
where we just don't know

Luke 5 Jesus tells us: move out into deeper water

move out
he calls me
he calls you

is it possible we are all still splashing in the shallow end?

just playing in the sand where the waves meet the shore line?
just sitting there wanting...
but not going?

did you notice he is there with you in the deep
he is with them in the boat, as he says, almost demands
move out into the deep

he is there
his presence is there
he even has you in a boat
it's not about being there alone

it's about His deep calling out to depths of me
move out..
move out
there is more for you in the deep
is he calling you also
do you hear the sound of the deep calling you

my friends, it is time
to move out
the deep

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