Saturday, June 8, 2013

awake my soul...

today I took a prophetic journal class. a contemplative art journal, by aletheia Schmidt. I want to share with you what I learned, felt and loved about this time of art and prayer.
at first I was overwhelmed, since I can't even draw stick people. but as I looked at all her art and images in the journal, I was almost becoming emotional. each one speaks something different to everyone who sees and looks. it wasn't about the art. or if you can paint or draw. it was about the heart and what God was saying, doing, moving, the fluid motion of his presence in a reflective way, using creativity.

this is just the cover image from the journal. doesn't it just speak to you to come alive, awake or to seek deeper?
first we were challenged to find a image in the journal that was really speaking to us.
let me tell you, that was hard.
I kept seeing a new image and thought with each turn of the page. every image someone else picked, I wanted. until I found the tree. 'rooted' it was called. it seems to be a theme God is speaking to me.
What drew me to this image of the tree?
the tree - always a tree
so many parts speak
rooted and grounded
branch - I am a branch
branches produce fruit, leaves, shade, covering
the beauty of a tree, the color, the shape, the history
just the word rooted to me bring hope, healing and peace
future, grace and mercy
what did I notice about the color or texture of the image?
what caused me to stop and 'soak' in this painting,
what experience does the image of 'rooted' give me?
it's my life's journey
rooted to me means going deeper
rooted and grounded
what doe it feel like to be rooted deeply ? in the word?
in the Lord?
in His presence?
each leave full of life
swaying with the wind
always following the wind of the spirit
the whole tree system supported by the roots
what is not seen is so important
the hidden growth
the struggle to push down deeper and deeper
to go higher and higher
rooted deeply to go higher
also a conformation of my call to be rooted in the word
what is the feeling that I am noticing in me as I study the image ?
feelings of want
wanting to know more
wanting roots to go deep in me, from me
to feel the depths of the roots
excitement for what the roots produce
strong roots can hold many branches, leaves, storms
it roots are there, even though the stump looks dead, even at the scent of rain it will produce
take it back to God
Aletheia not challenged us to take all that we were thinking and feeling and give it back to God
create what you are feeling
so I wrote more
it scares me
and thrills me
wanting to go deeper
and wanting to be so rooted in Him
it makes me feel alive
I can feel myself go deeper, the word going deeper
it is almost like as the roots go deeper,
they push past or push through what is in the way.
roots never end or stop
they keep rooting
keep pushing dirt and debris out of the way
to go deeper
removing what is in the way to be rooted
so  this was my morning.
thank you aletheia for sharing your gift
the awake my soul journal is available at:


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