Thursday, January 22, 2015


when I think of a fleece I have to admit my first thought is a jacket. a warm toasty 'north face' jacket. but that isn't the fleece I am feeling today. in fact, I don't feel very warm at all.
I feel kinda - well - maybe frozen ?

almost as if I am in a crisis of what fleece to wear today -

I just read about prayer fleeces. and it would be great if it was just a warm blanket that you put over yourself while you were praying to keep warm. but that isn't it.

today, for me, I feel like I am a prayer fleece.

the bible talks of Gideon placing a fleece on the threshing floor and if God does something to it, then the prayer was answered or you did what you were praying for - it was a sign of answered prayer.

I am laying things down on the threshing floor today - and I have no idea.  I need answers or direction or repentance or all of it because I am just not sure what is next or how to get from here to there. I can see it - I can feel it. I just don't know how to get it. I need a sign or a word or something.

knowing that we do not chase signs, but choose God - there are times when our prayer needs to turn into a fleece -

like when we felt to change the front room of City Gate into a prayer café, we through out a fleece sharing the dream. what happened is that people started donating tables for the café and the vision is taking off. so we weren't chasing signs, but we needed to act on the vision in a way that confirmed an answer ? does that make sense ?

so today in praying I was asking or telling God, I don't even know what to fleece - or I would put it out there - I told Him I felt like I was the fleece - throwing myself out there on the floor -
and in doing that seeking Him, not a sign, not a dream but seeking Him as to what I am to do or give or be

sometimes we use a fleece the wrong way - to get an answer changed.  if God has already given you a revelation - don't try to fleece your way out of it. that is not going to end well for you.

check your motives and make sure they aren't selfish - wanting fleshly desires

accept the answer you receive and don't question it - meaning if God has already told you, and you are still trying to get a different answer because your flesh wants something else

George Meuller once said that we are to work really hard at what God has called us to, but do not trust in our work, trust in God. to pray like it depends on God but work like it depends on you.

so today in my fleece crisis - I am asking - what haven't I been working at that I should, what have you called me to that I am not doing - where am I trusting in the outcome and not in Him -

I am my own fleece

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