Friday, June 13, 2014


its the challenge word for today's five minute Friday writing
my thoughts run like crazy thinking of who is the messenger?
what is the message?.
what is the message that I would fight for?
the message that I will lay my life for?
we all carry a message.
we don't even have to speak it.
we live it.
as I have been reading the psalms daily, in a summer of psalms challenge, I am realizing that much of our message has been so self centered.
self controlling.
self soothing.
and it isn't helping us at all.
it seems the message that God is speaking, and has been speaking from the ancient days is
that's it.
that's the message.
all the way through the psalms: truly my soul waits for God
my haven I wait for you
my hope comes from God
the righteous wait on You
Oh my strength I wait for You
so that's it
the message
we are all is such a hurry to deliver our own messages, and our own thoughts
is it possible that I don't have hope because I am not waiting
waiting on God for the message?
am I lacking strength because I am not waiting and striving to do it all, be all and give all
without waiting on God?
its kind of a hard message since we really do not want to wait.
we barely can walk away from facebook for a minute from the computer til we check on our phones
no waiting
fast food isn't fast enough
waiting in line or traffic is a HUGE sin
maybe if we waited more, we would hear more and see more
so for me
the message today is

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  1. Hi, Kim. Other members of our Christian Poets & Writers group might enjoy this exercise too, so I highlighted your post on the Christian Poets & Writers blog - God bless.