Tuesday, August 6, 2013

depths and heights

I had a dream the other day.
It was either a dream or a vision and I was either in body or spirit,
I do not know.
But this is what I do know.
It changed me. Confirming my hearts desire.
I was at City Gate Prayer Room, doing something I don't often do.
I was soaking. Just laying on the floor listening to worship. True worship.
I would say that I experienced worship in Spirit and Truth as I lay still.
Sometimes worship isn't all about shouts and dancing, its about stillness and quiet.
So I was laying there and I began to see the ocean.
Like the picture above, I was swimming in the beauty of the ocean.
seeing everything. It was clear and beautiful.
I saw all kinds of life. Fish. Sharks. Coral.
I saw the light coming through. And the water was so clear!
I could see for miles in every direction.
Everywhere I looked, I could see.
In every direction I saw light and life.
I felt light and lift.
I felt safe and loved.
Even with sharks swimming around, I wasn't worried or scared.
I was just swimming or more like floating all around.
Then I saw this dark circle.
I wasn't afraid of the dark circle because I knew it was part of the ocean.
It was calling out to me, to go deeper.
I felt like I was to go deeper into the depth of the ocean
where you can't see. The part that biologist talk about. Where we don't know what is there.
The deepest part where light doesn't get to, but there is still life down there.
I swam or floated towards the dark circle. Well, the circle wasn't dark, it was what was beyond the circle.
I knew if I went through, I would not know what was there.
Here in the ocean, I was safe because I could see.
Through the circle, I knew I wouldn't be able to see if a shark was next to me.
But, it was alluring me to come.
I knew I had to swim through.
As I approached, I felt the tension in myself. I actually felt the moment of panic before
the "here we go".
I didn't even have time to react or respond before my head went through, and I literally felt
that feeling of a roller coaster ride?
That drop you get when the coaster goes sailing down the big first hill?
Into the dark I went, woosh.
I looked around and saw I was in this dark place, but it wasn't dark like I though the depth of the ocean would be.
there was light there...little lights all around.
I wasn't in the ocean depths like I thought.
 I was in the cosmos.
Going down into the depth of the ocean, had actually brought me to the heights of the Cosmos.
"Come up here" ran through my mind. "Come up here so I can show you the mysteries."
All of a sudden I knew.
In my prayer to go deeper, God was taking me higher.
As I wanted to know the depths of God, His Word, Love and Life,
He took me high !
It is like the ocean and the cosmos connected in that moment, and as I went down in my swimming,
God took me upward to the cosmos.
The depth and the heights connect.
The deeper we go, the higher He takes us.
What a beautiful revelation.
When we give up the safety of what we know, God takes us to where He knows.
the depths become the heights.
I am forever changed.

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