Wednesday, May 29, 2013

defriended and dismissed

the pain of being defriended on facebook. ditched.
the agony of being dismissed in public.
admit it.
 the minute you are defriended or dimissed
 you feel the pressure of "I'm not liked anymore"
"They never really liked you"
"no one loves you"
I experienced that feeling just today.
several times actually.
it brings shame.
it brings humiliation.
is this real? is this truth?
no it isn't
if the enemy is whispering these lies into your ear, then he is too close to you.
when I begin to believe these lies, that are fueled by the enemy, they then become ungodly beliefs
then these ungodly beliefs become my reality,
and this reality is not in the word of God
the devil is a liar
he is out to lie to you
The truth is God will never leave or forsake you
God says you are the head and not the tail
we get to take every thought captive and
surrender it to God..and then my thoughts become His thoughts
He calls me friend.

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