Tuesday, July 8, 2014

i need prayer

I need prayer. Not I need people to pray for me, but I need prayer. I need to to pray.
I need to be a pray-er.
How much of our lives have we thought we were praying but we really have been giving God a list of things we think He should do ? And then we are surprised when these 'things' don't show up at our door.
What does it look like to be a pray-er?
I know that many are screaming for revival, but are we really praying ?
Perhaps if we spent more time actually praying we would see revival.
I know from study, revival only comes from prayer, and God only does things in response to prayer. So again that brings the question - if I am not seeing what I am praying for, then am I really praying ?
In June a bunch of us began reading the Psalms for the summer. We are reading 5 chapters of the Psalms each day and this has wrecked me. Did you realize that Jesus and the disciples were Jewish? And that their very life was a life of prayer. They prayed the Psalms. They prayed Isaiah. They prayed the Word. They prayed the very promises of God.
What would happen if we in 2014 were to go back to the original attributes of prayer, and prayed the Word.
In James it tells us "we don't have because we don't ask, and we don't have because we ask miserably". Now I know that seems odd, because we are asking - for many many things. So it confuses our minds when we think we are praying and then we don't get what we just picked out of the catalog. Even writing that it makes us seem so very selfish.
Back to the disciples. If they were Jewish and their very lives were based in praying the Word, what difference did they see in Jesus as He prayed that they begged "TEACH US TO PRAY".
I believe and submit to you, that Jesus prayer life, was based in praying the living Word back to His Father where the disciples were just repeating lines. Do you see the difference ? The living breathing Word of God, spoken back to God causes my heart and mind to change, creating a prayer life not of this world!
The Word is alive and active, dividing the soul and spirit, so when I pray the active and alive Word is does what it was created to do.
What we pray really matters.
And I need prayer.
I need prayer in my life to live.

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