Friday, October 3, 2014

Five Minute Friday {new}

the thing about new is,  it's new.
when I hear the word new, I think of God. He is making all things new. He is new every morning. He has new wine that must go in new wine skins.
the thing about new is, it's only new for that moment.
think about it.
when you open a bottle of new wine, it now becomes old because you cannot re-cork it.
which means, you have to use the new before it becomes stale and old.
kinda like how we need to live our lives in the newness of His presence every day.
we can't live off yesterday's new, because now that is the old.
Or think of the manna He gave new, every morning.  It was only good for that day.
so new, is only new for that moment.
maybe this is what dwelling and abiding look like.
eating and drinking of the new.
I want to live in the new.
new wine, new word, new revelation - every moment of every day enjoying the newness of His presence.

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