Thursday, June 26, 2014


he had 4 daughters who prophesied. this is what it tells us in Acts 21.  It was common for women/daughters to be in ministry. and to be telling prophecy.
what I also notice is that prophecy and evangelism went hand in hand. they prophesied in the streets to those who didn't know Jesus or the resurrection. and their churches grew daily. DAILY. not just after an event. but daily.
not after a training, they just prophesied because it was part of their DNA.
they already knew what they were to be doing.
It seems to me, we keep prophesying around the inside of our churches and asking how do we evangelize?
do you see the difference ?
they prophesied AS evangelism.
they didn't need 'another word' inside the church setting, because they already knew what and who they were.
we keep running everywhere to get words to find out what we should be doing ?
they already knew and accepted the mission of following Jesus and were doing it.
They knew that they were a chosen generation, a peculiar people, a royal priesthood set apart for Him, to show forth His glory .
we keep trying to hide all the glory in our four walls and they were bursting forth on the streets with it.
Think of the women at the well. Jesus prophesied to her, evangelized, then she went and evangelized her whole town and they all believed !
it is time to stop hiding under bushels (the walls of our buildings) and let our light shine
it is time to start living out the mission, that has never changed
Ana Mendez Ferrell says in her book "Seated In Heavenly Places" that the very essence of prophecy does not consist of telling each other about the beautiful things that God has for us, but its objective is to reveal the multiple facts of Jesus himself.
So if the spirit of prophecy IS the testimony of Jesus then wouldn't it make sense that prophecy was for telling of Jesus - just like these 4 daughters in Acts did.
maybe that's why Paul said "I wished that you all would prophecy" because it was prophecy was bringing the revelation of Jesus into the world and isn't that what evangelism should be ? bringing the revelation of Jesus into the world?
let's go my friends, let's begin to speak out the testimony of Jesus !

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  1. Oh yes, that's right. My husband and I read a book about this called 'Treasure Hunters' by Kevin Dedmon I think it was, about using prophecy for evangelism and a couple of times we went out and did this on the streets, found people God directed us to and gave them a prophetic word and prayed for them and they were greatly encouraged. I wrote about it a couple of Fridays ago, I hope you don't mind me posting the link. Another great book is Children and the Supernatural by Jennifer Toledo.