Friday, February 14, 2014

i am a pinterest failure

and you probably are too.
have you noticed how everyone is trying desperately to become someone else ..all from pinterest?
we try to use someone else's creative spirit to become them. to pin and make our lives just like theirs'
we base our love lives on the pictures of pinterest
we kids are now judged by the cuteness of activities on pinterest
our parenting comes from piniterest. are you doing the latest craft to entertain your kids?
the latest recipe to enthrall your family? have you noticed that none of them turn out like the original?

could it be that you were never created to follow?
you were always meant to be you.
the creative you.
In the beginning God created....
you were never meant to copy something from pinterest and try to make that your life.
you were always meant to create what is in you, to be an original.

If we don't have our houses look like the pinterest version, we fail
If we don't have the latest 'thrift' find for juice glasses, we fail
If our love life doesn't look like the Hollywood pictures, we judge love, we fail
and heaven forbid we cease the competition for best pinterest wedding.
what happened to original?

Who told you, you were 'naked'..isn't this the original mocking of the enemy of our souls?
Who told you, you have to be clothed in pinterest?
honestly - the recipes rarely work
the kid advice only works on 'that' child it was made for
trust me
I tried
we are all original, created to be creative

please just think about it
pray about it
I don't care if you keep pinning
but that isn't your life

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  1. amen great word... if we follow Jesus, not others we will become who we were created to be... with ease... :)