Monday, July 22, 2013

hunger and thirst

hunger is a funny thing, isn't it.
you feel like you will die if you don't eat
you can feel the hunger pains, and they are painful
same with thirsting.
your tongue feels like dry leather
but there is no water in sight
it is painful
it is persistent, unrelenting
hunger and thirst.
blessed are those that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they will be filled.
the point of hunger and thirst, is to be filled, but in the natural or physical sometimes there just isn't a filling.
there is no water
no food
can you imagine no chocolate or coffee?
on my journey through the beatitudes or attitudes, I am struck today with hunger and thirst.
how easy it is if I want coffee to get up and run to my keurig and grab a cup.
is it that easy to grab my fill of
do we know what righteousness is?
if we read this correctly, we are to hunger and thirst after it, so we should probably understand what it is.
it isn't salvation
it isn't being morally good
it isn't wanting more healing, or more presence (which are excellent things)
it's a starving
it's a starving for right standing with God
you can be filled
you can have as much of God as you want.
it's a spiritual progression through these attitudes of the mountain code
we are meant to hunger and thirst.
to be free from sin in all its forms and in every manifestation.
to walk, as in the beginning, naked and unashamed with God
to be free from the power of sin, and the desire for sin
its the longing to be positively holy
when we hunger and thirst for this,
we are filled
we are filled with the fullness of God
hunger hurts and is painful
is this who we are?
are we hungering painfully and thirsting painfully after righteousness?
are we filled?
are you filled?

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