Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the GPS

Did you ever notice that the GPS sometimes doesn't quite take the right road?
Or the road less traveled ? Or the road that has way to much traffic ?

I have been noticing that my husband has been talking to the GPS a lot lately. Similar to how men talk to the football coaches through the TV ?  The GPS or the TV cannot hear you.
As we are driving,  following the friendly voice, my husband talks back to it. "Why are you going that way? I can't believe you are doing that ? There is way to much traffic that way!"
I sit and listen. Smile to myself. Then, I just have to. I have to say something.
Babe, you don't have to follow the GPS. She doesn't have authority over you.
He just does his 'I'm not gonna let you see me smile, smile'.

I know there is a lesson in there somewhere.

Do we listen to outside voices to navigate our way ?
Do we give to much authority to those who shouldn't have it ?
Have we become a group of people that just sit and do what the friendly voice tells us to do ?

I was just reading an article by Charisma Magazine from the Barna group, how this generation (us and we) have the most bibles, but don't read them or even pick them up.

If we aren't reading from the Word, is it really easy to be led away by a friendly voice. The route seems correct, and it is so easy to just follow. But is that really the way ?

Bare with this analogy please, but if I asked you why you are going that way or why did you do that - would you answer be - the GPS said to.

My point is this - are we following the crowd (GPS) or following Jesus ?

Do we put too much into what the GPS (Greatest Preachers Syndrome) and what they tell us to do.

We have this great gift of the Word, we have this great gift given to us and yet we seem to follow the other voices.

We have this amazing internal light and life filled Holy Spirit guidance, but we don't seem to know how to follow its voice, because we are so consumed with the voice of the external system.

What voice or voices are you following ?

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