Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I deal with rejection. Big time. I think if we are all honest, we can say that we all deal with rejection issues. We all have this need to be liked, wanted, friend requested, as a sign of acceptance and of worth. So when we are not liked, wanted or are defriended it sends us down this slippery slope into rejection.

You would think that after years of loving God, being loved by God, having faithful friends and family, that I would not deal with feeling rejection. But I do. And this morning I couldn't even sleep because of asking myself "why" over and over.

Why don't think like me? Why did they reject me? Am I really that awful of a person to be rejected ? Do you ever have those thoughts ?

So while I was laying in bed, lamenting over this I heard that still small voice, "you aren't rejected". That's great God, you don't reject me, but then why do I feel this rejection ? His answer; "because you keep picking it up".

Here is what I am seeing. Rejection in it root word is reject. or REject. In the Latin form,(taken from Websters 1828) it means the act of throwing back. The act of casting off or forsaking. A refusal to accept.

But if someone offers you Kool-Aid, you don't have to drink it. God is saying that you don't have to pick up the gift of rejection that someone is hurling at you. It only becomes my rejection if I choose to accept it. So in the mission impossible theme - do you choose to accept this mission ? Because it is an impossible mission. Rejection is a mission that is not ours to accept or carry, or give out.

If I pick up the rejection, then I have to carry it. And it is so so heavy.

My value is not based on the approval of others, but on what God's Word tells me is true. If I pick up rejection, then I have to lay down what is truth. And the truth is it doesn't really matter what others say or do to me, because God likes me. He loves me. He calls me His very own.

We all fear rejection. But perfect love cast out fear, because there is no rejection in Him. Robert McGee puts it this way: Rejection is a type of communication. It conveys a message that someone else is unsatisfied with us, or that we don't measure up to a standard. Sometimes rejection is a will-full act used to manipulate or control someone else. It comes as a social snub. It communicates disrespect, low value and lack of appreciation. Nothing hurts quite like the message of rejection. Without lifting a finger, we can send the message that our targeted individual doesn't meet our standards. This is how rejection enables us to control the action of another human being".

Going back to my earlier finding, I can only feel rejected if I pick it up. I can only feel rejected if I am trying to meet others standards, or others value. Why do we hold others esteem for us in such a high regard ? Maybe rejection isn't really about me, but more about the other person? I need to stop accepting the rejection thrown at me. When someone throws a ball at you, you can step out of the way before it hits you in the face.

Today, I choose to lay it down. Again. Lay down the feelings of being a reject, or being cast off. I lay down the power of rejections pull and I pick up the light and easy yoke of love and acceptance of my Father God. I. am. accepted. The I AM accepts me.

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