Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Free Lunch

today at City Gate Lancaster, we give out a free lunch to over 200 people. these are the hungry, the hurting and the hopeless. not all are homeless, most just hurting and hungry. looking for a friend, relationship, somewhere to be accepted.
Isn't that what we all want?
it makes me think of how hungry am I ?
am I really hungry for the presence of God? do I 'eat' his word like I am commanded to ?
I think sometimes, we as believers come across arrogant, like we have it all together, and 'they' don't. so we need to save and fix 'them".
when really, even on a good day, I am just as hungry as they are
I am just as needy and hurting as they are.
we just act like we aren't, or we don't realize the amount of time we spend outside of God's presence.
we have become to good at, and use to living in a man made environment, where we do many things to make us feel good, and think that is his presence.
I am so hungry for a true manifestation of His glory and His presence as never before.
I am one of the hungry

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