Wednesday, June 4, 2014

shaking through the psalms

am literally shaking after reading today - the Word of God is so powerful so consuming.
If I start with proverbs 4 and work backward - it really blows your mind.
God Gives us sound teaching - (his word) and tells us to watch over our heart/mind with all diligence for from it flows the springs of life. How ? by keeping your eyes forward (set on him) looking straight ahead (into the eyes of the father) not swerving - (many will try to sway you away to other things)
But what ...if we took it seriously and prayed prayers like Psalm 20 - with passion and intensity - be reminded by 19 that the teaching of the Lord in perfect - so when I focus on His teaching (word) it creates the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart/mind to be acceptable and pleasing to my rock and redeemer.
 Are we adoring Him with all our strength as in 18, proclaiming Him our strength, fortress, rescuer, rock, shield, mighty champion, haven - wow...what a way to begin prayer and praise !
When I see him as those attributes, then 17 comes into play - I see his faithfulness on display - I see his wonderous deedes - I see myself as the apple of his eye - hiding in the shadow of his wings.
I see and understand 16 that I am ever mindful of the Lord's presence.
And in His presence I find perfect joy. I find the delights that are in His hand.
Can you see how this changes us? how we see God? how we pray ?
 totally shaking

What if we actually took God as His word and He became our teacher ?
What if we focused straight ahead on Him and His promises and power to fill us, to know him, be taught by His Holy Spirit
So far I am seeing that what I need to know comes from knowing Him.
Is it possible that we keep inventing events and conferences to find out how to do things when we really only need to do the one thing that no one wants to do ?
focus our eyes on him, the only teacher that can teach truth
the only teacher that fills me with his words so that I can speak the words he gives me - isn't that prophecy?
isn't that prayer ?
not telling God what I think, but speaking His words so that my heart aligns with His?
and doesn't it all come back to the beginning of psalms 1, being planted in Him, so that I produce fruit in any season - because He is the fruit giver ?

I need this passion and intensity in me , in my prayer life, I need this acknowledgement of who He is - everyday - I adore you Lord - my haven, my mighty champion

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