Sunday, June 1, 2014


I find myself grieved this morning as I read the local news.
a young woman jumped from a parking garage to her death.
several fatal shootings.
a local pastor happy, glad and willing to perform same sex marriage.

just kind of sitting here thinking what is going on?

all this while we keep planning events to learn how witness, or find joy or dance to the latest worship hit -
this is going on right outside the door

I am concerned that churches don't see the difference between same sex marriage and a biblical marriage.
the argument that we all deserve the chance to love someone and marry them.
well, I love my cat, does she deserve to be taken care of the same way?
what if I die, who will make sure she gets her shots?
what about the man who lives children, is he allowed to now marry one  ? do what he wants - all in
the name of love?

How can you take do not steal, do not kill, do not murder (all from the bible) and they are laws now in government, and drop the marriage one?
they are all from the same portion of scripture

is it possible we have no idea what Love is?
who Love is?
have we lived such perverted love lives that we have reduced love to this?

what has happened to us?

so I am grieved

thinking of the girl who just lost her life
thinking of my cousin, whose husband took his life
thinking of those being led to believe that love makes it ok to do whatever you want

yet we keep having events and rallies and lights and stages

so I am grieved

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