Tuesday, June 24, 2014

if brokeness were a person

I am reading this book by Don Nori called "The Power of Brokenness". Very intense little book about how brokenness is a mystery, who brings healing instead of accusations and builds and does not destroy. So this afternoon I have been pondering the question "what if brokenness was an actual person". would we recognize her or him? would we respond to her ? {I'm sticking with 'her'}

what if those times when we felt the holy spirit nudge us, it was the brokenness part of the holy spirit trying to coax us into a life of brokenness.

what if those moments when I think it is judgement, it is actually a covering of brokenness to bring about the character of 'blessed are the broken' ?

do we even know what brokenness looks like any more?

would we recognize the voice?

would we treat brokenness like we treat everyone one else, the opposite of love and forgiveness.

maybe we need to live a little more broken, a little more repentant, a little more loving instead so that we can hear the cry from brokenness calling us deeper into heart of the Father.

what if brokenness spoke gently tried to bring pain that brought healing

would we respond ?

do we respond ?

brokenness isn't weak, or angry or hopeless

brokenness is full of hope because of our position as sons and daughters, to live a life free and in total hunger for the one who created us. we are all His creation, but not all sons and daughters, that is for those who have chosen brokenness as a companion.

there is blessing in brokenness

there is live vibrant color there. I think the color of Heaven is the color of brokenness.

so brokenness waits for us, with all her wisdom and all her healing for us to respond

if brokenness were a person, would we be friends?

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  1. Very insightful, Kim. Yes, may we embrace our brokenness, realizing that it's always an opportunity to let the Lord heal and live through us. I heard a teaching by (I think) Patsy Clairmont years ago about how God uses cracked pots and that the broken/cracked places are where His light shines through so that we can be wounded healers for others who are also broken. Blessings galore and may His anointing rest upon you all the days of your life! \O /