Saturday, May 25, 2013

His majesty, my desire

I am reading psalm 145 today. one of my faves.
Your majesty and glorious splendor captivate me (verse 5)
are we really captivated by His majesty? His Glorious?
everything which has to do with God is majestic, honorable and glorious. His very nature is glory. His very being is majestic. do we ever just look into the sky and think, My God you are so majestic!
There is nothing about the infinite Lord that is unworthy of His royalty
nothing is wanting to the splendor of his reign (CS)
I think sometimes, we think we are adding to His worthy or majesty by our spectacular shows on Sunday. like our simple services could somehow add to the worth or the creator.
we are worship because He IS altogether worthy
He IS altogether wonderful
I can't add to His worthy. He is worth.
His least is greater than man's greatest
His lowest is still higher than man's highest
He alone is worthy of ALL praise
I am man. He is God. I am a branch. He is the Vine.
His open hand satisfies.  (verse 16)
The desire of every living thing are met by Your open hand.

yesterday I defined open hand - and it means showing power, direction

How are Jesus hands open that he can satisfy every living thing?

His hands were open on the cross.

all my desires are fulfilled by His open hands (of power and direction) on the cross
His hands are still open
doesn't this put a different perspective on what my desires are?

all of you who revere (fear) Him
God will satisfy your desires  (verse 19)

how many times have we misquoted this verse.
God will give ME the desires of my heart..
I want shoes, I want a job, I want, I want..

do you notice that there is a condition attached to this promise?

we forget that most of the 3000 promises like this one are contingent on our action

When I live a life that reveres Him, then he will satisfy your desire

the greatest desire in me should be, to be like Him !

revere: to show devoted deferential honor to : regard as worthy of great honor

are we showing devoted honor to Him
are we regarding Him as worthy
do we treat Him with great honor

It is only by His open hand that I can now fear and love God
His open hand made the way for me to revere, honor and see His majesty and worth, and as I see Him in this desires become all about him.

His majesty
my desire

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