Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I feel a re-new happening in my spirit. I feel like a re-launch has happened or is happening. I am excited to go deeper in prayer, deeper in studying the Word, studying and looking to Jesus.
This has been a year where much was taken and lost. My mom passed away, my health and body from accident and grief, seeing others go through intense pain and struggle...but I feel a resurgence. A revival within. A pushing into, violently going after that which we already posses by faith. So my challenge and this post is about joining me. Become part of the Relaunch that will Release into the deeper things...believing and pushing into new levels, new completions, new faith, miracles and power.
You can join me as I read through the Bible and study, Come to the School of Prayer with City Gate Lancaster, take a prayer watch at City Gate Prayer Room. Re-Launch into Re-lease !
will you join me ?

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